School Holiday Safety Tips - Do's and don'ts for when on holiday!

28 Mar 2014

28 March 2014

School Holiday Safety Tips - Do's and don'ts for when on holiday

When you depart, think smart, drive safely to your destination by keeping these tips in mind before you buckle up.

• Travel with car doors locked and windows closed
• Constantly monitor vehicles travelling behind, ahead and next to you
• If you think you're being followed, drive to the nearest police station
• Leave room between your car and the one in front to avoid being boxed in
• Attract the attention of other drivers or pedestrians if you think you're in danger. Hoot, flash your lights, put on the emergency lights or shout
• Be aware of people approaching your car or loitering near the traffic lights and stop signs
• On long journeys only stop overnight at safe places
• Don't stop at the scene of an accident unless you are sure it is genuine
• Don't stop if a passer-by indicates that, for example, you have a flat tyre or other defect. Drive to a service station or safe area and check it there
• Don't leave your car door open and the engine running while opening garages or gates
• Don't tell strangers of your movements or plans
• Don't pick up hitch-hickers or unknown passengers
• Plan your travel route and allow enough time to get there safely
• Know your emergency numbers for when you need assistance
• Be visible and drive with your lights on
• Ensure that someone collects your mail while you are away
• Stop newspaper deliveries while away
• Ensure your alarm is working 100% a few days before your departure
• Ensure that there is a key holder that can be contacted while you are away
• Make use of timers for lights
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